The Raid 2 Berandal trailer has arrived. I know you want to skip straight to the trailer now that you’ve heard the news, but please you’ve read this far you can stick around a little longer.

First of all there’s some stuff you need to know. Gareth Evans has requested that you listen to this The Raid 2 Berandal trailer with high quality sound. Plug in the headphones or turn up the speakers. Those dinky things on your laptop or phone will not suffice. Beyond that, Evans is bringing back Iko Uwais as Rama the hardcore cop and protagonist of the first movie. It looks like things are going to be pretty hectic for our martial art master friend.

The Raid 2 Berandal trailer really does have a little bit of everything. It has a bloody lady in a train, gangsters, guns, punches, head damage. It runs the gamut of things that are excellent. It even has some totally awesome prison wall punching.

I loved the first film. I’ve been excited for this movie since the second I heard that it was going to exist. This trailer does not disappoint even a little bit. If anything I’m more excited, now that I’ve been reminded about the visual pacing and sheer physicality of the Evans work. This movie is going to be fantastic, now go watch the trailer. I don’t know why you’ve been reading this long.