So Stan Lee is not just annoying. He’s also crazy. He’s crazy in the most annoying way possible. Today on Stan’s Rants, a forum during which Stan rants, Stan Lee decided to share his thoughts on Superman. In particular Lee focused on his ability to fly compared to Thor’s.

“I hate stories that fool the reader. I hate movies that fool the public. Take Superman for instance. Superman flies, right? How does he fly? The man has no visible means or propulsion. Whenever Superman flies, he gets in a pose like this [demonstrates], and he’s off. How? There’s no engine, there’s no jet, there’s nothing. He’s just flying. Now take Thor. When Thor wants to fly, we use a scientific principle. He has his hammer, he has a leather thong attached to his wrist, he swings the hammer around faster and faster, till it’s going like a propeller and then he lets go of it. Well the hammer goes flying off into space. But the thong is wrapped around Thor’s wrist, so he goes with it. So you have hammer propulsion and Superman who flies just because they tell you he flies.”

What is this about!? Stan Lee you’re not a scientist. That’s not a scientific approach. All Lee is talking about is attention to detail. That is important, but I think characterizing Superman’s flight as tricking the public is insane. It’s just asking readers to accept a certain premise, the same way that readers accept the premise that Thor can throw his hammer with enough force to grant him the ability to fly.

This is just more of Stan Lee being a crazy old man who has lost the capacity to think before he speaks. I will say that the meticulousness that drives those comments has served Marvel well of late. The small elements have been what make their movies great. Something that Superman and the rest of DC may have a hard time matching.

Source: ComicBookMovie