Last weekend Ender’s Game opened to a solid $28 million last weekend which easily good enough for first place.  Despite it’s modestly successful opening weekend, it appears the new franchise Summit was hoping for is not meant to be.

I, for one am not too surprised since the marketing for Ender’s Game was rather quiet for a would-be blockbuster and with the $110 million price tag, an opening weekend of less than $30 million isn’t exactly a healthy return on investment.  The boycotting over author Orson Scott Card’s views on gay marriage didn’t help either.  Even though the cast and crew had gone out of their way to distance the movie from Card the damage had already been done.

It’s also unlikely that Ender’s Game will hold up very well at the box office since Thor: The Dark World is opening in theaters this weekend and will more than likely draw away Ender’s  target audience.  The other problem with them producing a sequel is that from what I can tell Card’s subsequent Ender books have not generated nearly as much popularity as his first one.  As a matter of fact, I have to admit I wasn’t even aware these sequels even existed until about a month ago when I finally read the Ender’s Game book.

Honestly though, I wouldn’t write it off just yet.  Mortal Instruments: City of Bones did much worse at the box office than this and a sequel is still being planned.  The way I see it, if that sequel can stay alive, then there should definitely be hope for Ender’s Game.  

Did you enjoy (or see) Ender’s Game?  Do you think it deserves a sequel?  Give us your thoughts in the comment section below.    

Source: Cinema Blend