The Simpsons series creator Matt Groening let it be know Saturday at UCLA’s annual entertainment symposium that a follow-up to 2007’s The Simpsons Movie is not likely to happen anytime soon.

Groening, speaking at a keynote Q&A with animation director David Silverman, said in regards to the first film, “It took us four years [to make] and it killed us,” citing how the film drained various resources from the television show, such as animators. Silverman was equally tepid in his comments on a potential Simpsons Movie 2 saying it could happen in, “maybe another 10, 15 years.”

Considering they talked about making the first film for 17 years, this news isn’t surprising. If Fox was going to jump in on a sequel they would have done so back in 2008. They probably see no reason to rush a sequel when the brand has as much name recognition and cultural awareness as The Simpsons.

The original was a huge hit, grossing over $500 million and keeping The Simpsons television show alive  for at least another six years. Animated sitcom family fans will have to settle for the potential Family Guy movie Seth MacFarlane announced –similarly at a UCLA Q&A — last November.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter