The first reviews from South by Southwest have started to come in for the new Evil Dead remake. These reviews have been mixed, depending on whether the critic is a horror fan or not. The Playlist at Indie Wire gave the film a “C-” and called it “grim” and “humorless.” Shock Till You Drop gave the movie a “B+” and said it was “gore for the sake of gore” but “it’s the best type possible.”

Nothing against The Playlist, who have some fantastic critics, but I will side with Shock Till You Drop, guys who really know horror. And besides, we have Bruce Campbell praising the Evil Dead remake director, Fede Alvarez, who Shock credits with making the movie as good as it was.

“We’re like proud uncles of this young man. We’re glad we got him because we won’t be able to afford him much [longer].” – Bruce Campbell

More news breaking from the Evil Dead SXSW premiere was word that there is a sequel coming. Alvarez announced this at the question and answer session after the movie, saying he has already started writing the sequel.

The Evil Dead remake doesn’t hit theaters until April 5, but a new website has been set up to keep you excited until it arrives. The site is interactive and allows you to explore different parts of the movie and the world of the Evil Dead. Click this image to check out the new site.