The Breakdown

Ellen tells her family that running away was a bad idea and that they need to cooperate with Duncan and his team. When Duncan leaves the room Brian asks what was that all about. Ellen tells him that she feels she needed to say that even if she didn’t mean it. A woman gets out of a cab and knocks on the Sanders’ door. It is Ellen sister, Duncan pulls a gun on her. Ellen explains to her that Duncan is secret service and is there to protect them while she is on the job for the president. Sandrine asks Duncan for the money again and he says he will get it. Kramer offers to help with the money. Ellen is called to the secret service HQ about Angela’s murder where Duncan is waiting with Hoffman awkward!

Sisters KeeperDuncan and Agent Hoffman question Ellen about what happen on the night of Angela’s death. After questioning is over Duncan follows her to the elevator and tells her that he drilled her so that Hoffman couldn’t. Morgan is at the doctor and finds out she is 5 weeks pregnant, the doctor seesĀ a bruise on her arm and the scar on her back where the GPS was and Morgan gives an excuse.

When Morgan leaves the doctor office the doctor calls someone to report possible child abuse. Sandrine is about to walk when Kramer comes up to her about a way to make the 50k she needs. They plan to rob a high stakes poker game that has a bunch of rich players. Being that the team is short they take Jake as collateral while they go to the poker game. Ellen’s sister sees Brian in the bathroom with his huge scar and asks what happened. He tells her he had a cyst removed and it got infected. Sandrine goes to the poker game looking hot, while Kramer has Jake tagging along for safekeeping. Ellen tells Brian that the only way out of this may be to kill Duncan.

Sisters KeeperEllen hatches a plan to steal one of their friends gun. They have the key to the friend’s house. Hoffman pulls up two men that fit Archer profile (one who is Archer) and Duncan steers the investigation away from Archer. Afterwards Hoffman comes up to Duncan saying he manually went through Archers file and his alibi doesn’t add up.

Duncan proclaims that he made it up and Archer is a confidential informant working for him and that he couldn’t blow his cover in a room full of people. Ellen goes to the friend’s house and finds the gun and leaves. At the poker game Sandrine gets the security code to the house. Later on Kramer comes up and sticks up the game for the money. He takes Sandrine as hostage and tells everyone that he will kill her if anyone follows him. Outside the man Sandrine owes money to comes up to her, Kramer pistol whips him and they leave.

Sisters KeeperEllen and her crazy sister have a bonding moment over the fact that Brian is cheating on Ellen. While going to get a tissue from Ellen’s purse Ellen’s sister finds the gun that Ellen was hiding. Duncan enters the room and sees what is going on and ties Ellen’s sister up. Duncan takes Ellen outside where he makes her shoot a tree while holding her at gunpoint. She missed both shots. He tells her people who pull guns and don’t know how to use them end up getting hurt. He tells her he is going to have to get rid of her sister “his way”.

Sisters KeeperDuncan’s way of getting rid of Ellen’s sister is to call the mental hospital where she previous was before she came to the Sanders’ house. The whole family acts as if Ellen’s sister is crazy and is making the hostage situation up. Duncan and his team hides. So that She looks like an insane person when the doctor comes. She gets carted off and Duncan tells her she has done a good thing. That they all have done a good thing.

The Analysis

Sometimes these episode feel like they should be a half an hour. This one was filled with so much filler it doesn’t make sense. Last week we had a good episode and this week this one just seemed to drag on. The Ellen’s sister angle was dumb but I thought that the way Duncan got her to leave was actually funny rather than sad, which was how the writers painted it to be.