The Breakdown

Olivia and Jake are talking about B6-13 and what her father did to Jake. Jake leaves Olivia’s house and Harrison calls to tell her “we got the gig”. Harrison then calls Abby and Quinn with excitement about this job they obtained.

Say Hello To My Little FriendThe case which Harrison is talking about is the case of senator Richard Myers, who is being charged with the murder of Desiree Oaks. Desiree was a woman the senator was sexing with. Olivia is representing Senator Myers and is trying to convince the media that senator Myers only send messages to this one woman. When the trial comes under way David Rosen brings multiple women on the stand reading several messages from the senator.

Say Hello To My Little FriendThe president is reading the paper and finds out that Peter Foster has died. On the TV in the White House a female congresswoman (Josephine Marcus) is bashing the president telling him to keep his snake in the basket. At Olivia’s office she decides to make this case about the victim and not the senator. In court Abby brings a file to the defendants lawyers stating how her mentor provides lavish gifts to her. Information also comes out that Ms. Oaks had a lot of men support her lifestyle. Back at the office Quinn approaches Huck about how he has been acting and if he has killed again being he was at an AA meeting saying that he drank whiskey again. Huck leaves the office goes through the garage where Jake pulls a gun on him and Huck draws as well.

Say Hello To My Little FriendAnother woman comes up and says that the senator sexed her. Myers denies it, even when the woman says that he has a mole on his junk. He still denies and his wife confirms that the mole is true. Myers explains that he has a problem meanwhile his wife doesn’t want to have anything to do with him.

Jake comes up to Huck about killing command. Huck tells Jake he is on his own and walks away. Cyrus is drilling Mellie about the comments she made after the press conference when someones mike was still on. Fitz gets more information on Peter Foster and upon him finding out Foster’s sister won’t be able to give him a decent funeral. Fitz has Foster buried at Arlington National Cemetery and shows up. Fitz tells Fosters’ sister that Peter was a real hero.

Say Hello To My Little FriendCyrus’ husband gets upset with him about not telling him the president arranged to have Pete Fosters funeral at Arlington and him being there. Cyrus meets Eli outside the white house where Jake is listening and recording their conversation. Senator Myers wife is nowhere to be found as it is her turn to testify. Olivia has Harrison and Abby buy time in order for them to find her. Jake takes Peter Fosters file to Olivia, saying that Foster did 86 mission but one is missing from his file. Olivia tells Jake that she doesn’t want to hear this and has Jake leave. Huck gets the information that Jake collected and listens to the tape.

Say Hello To My Little FriendAbby goes to Rosen’s’ office and before she gets a word out Rosen says the he will not help her to extend the trial. Abby tells him she didn’t come for that she wanted to take him to lunch. Olivia finally finds Mrs. Myers and gets her to come and testify on her husband. Mrs. Meyers is worried about lying on the stands and Olivia tells her not too. In the courtroom when Mrs. Myers is on the stands she tells Rosen that she hates her husband but he is no killer. At Olivia’s house Jake comes to the door and Olivia says no. He says we’ve got to talk, Olivia still says there is nothing to talk about where Huck is behind Jake saying yeah there is.

Say Hello To My Little FriendJake and Huck show Olivia pictures of a dead Peter Foster with numbers on his body which are the navy flight plan for Operation Remington. The operation is classified and the pilot was the president however on the flight plan it shows Foster was the pilot. Cyrus assistant comes back from Montana and finds out that Ms. Marcus gave birth and abandoned a baby as a teen. The assistant thinks he has failed but Cyrus tells him otherwise. At the courthouse the senator is found not guilty of the murder. Olivia figures out that the senator didn’t kill Desiree that his wife did, thinking the affair was his only one. Quinn asks Huck about his whereabouts and he tells her to stop acting like she is worrying about him because she is interested. He goes on and tells her to stop being interested in him. Back at her house Olivia admits to Jake that she is scared. Jake consoles her that she is not alone in this and that he is there for her. The phone rings and she finally decides to answer it. It ends up being Fitz and she acts strangely and he figures out she has company and hangs up. Fitz walks into Eli’s office where Eli is taken off guard. Fitz says that this is a reunion that is long overdue.

The Analysis

This show keeps getting better and better Fitz is finally going to approach Eli and we can find out what Remington is all about. At first I liked Quinn but I am seemly starting to turn that into dislike as she is getting annoying with the Huck situation. She was going from protege and is now going into stalker mode. The Abby and the David Rosen affair is getting old and boring I wish they would give it up.