Remember Pacific Rim? It feels so long ago that this movie was all I could think about. It was the coolest thing I’d seen in a theater, in ages, but in the rush of media consumption that is 2013 it kinda fell away for me. Thank goodness Guillermo Del Toro and Travis Beacham have not forgotten about their masterpiece. They are currently writing the Pacific Rim sequel, and it is going to include everything we could possibly want.

“We will have Gipsy 2.0 for sure. Second thing is you’re gonna see a merging of Kaiju and Jaeger. And that is quite special.”

Now that I remember how awesome Pacific Rim was, I want it back so much! Unfortunately, Legendary pictures has yet to greenlight production on the new Pacific Rim sequel, but with $405 million in international gross it seem likely that they’ll come around.

Pacific Rim was an achievement of the highest order. It was the first movie I’d seen put the incredible advances in cinema technology (both on the production and viewing sides) to work at their highest level. It was a technological spectacle that did the character and world-building work necessary to create an effective mythology. I could gush about this movie for hours, but I won’t. You know it’s amazing, and if you haven’t seen it go watch it now! Stop reading and watch it!

I’m very excited for this Pacific Rim sequel. I think that both Beacham and Del Toro have more than enough respect for the fall into the franchise merchandising trap. I think they just love the world they’ve made, and they want to return very badly. I agree with them 100%.

Source: FirstShowing