Some people just cannot let go. This is something that comes up a lot with TV shows. It’s like they paved paradise and put up a parking lot or something, what with the way people don’t seem to know what they got till it’s gone. Many TV programs don’t get the love they deserve till after the fact, and while that’s not entirely true with Breaking Bad, Jeffrey Katzenberg isn’t ready to walk away from Walter White’s Wonderful World. The Dreamworks Animation CEO apparently offered SEVENTY-FIVE MILLION DOLLARS for an extra three hours of Breaking Bad episodes to be shot that take place after the end of the show.

Katzenberg made the offer before knowing how the show would end. This is still surprising given that certain elements of the final season were pretty obvious from the get-go. It appears this will never happen, but it does provide an interesting thought experiment. What would those three episodes of Breaking Bad look like?

One would obviously be all about Jesse and his quest to redeem himself through Brock (and his seamless transition into Need For Speed). Another would probably focus on Skyler and Flynn as they are the two most deeply associated with Walt. They would provide a powerful window onto the fallout of the world after his fall from kingpindom. The third is a puzzler.

Everything else wrapped up pretty cleanly onscreen in that those seventy-five minutes. What do you think the third would be? Let’s start a convo and suss this out.

Source: Slash Film