Martin Scorsese’s much anticipated reunion with Leonardo DiCaprio titled The Wolf of Wall Street is arriving soon, but maybe not soon enough. The film which originally set for a November 15th release date is now in trouble of meeting that deadline. In fact, it was raising concerns whether the film would actually make it before 2014.

Well, thankfully Scorsese and his editor are entering “Beast mode” in hopes of finishing a final cut before the end of November, placing it for a Christmas release date.

Showbiz411 says Scorsese and Editor Thelma Schoonmaker are rushing to meet a November 25th deadline in order for the studio to kick up marketing for the holiday box-office. The issue at the moment is the runtime which is currently clocked at 180 minutes long. Not too surprising considering past Scorsese films are usually extensive in length.

I’m pretty excited for this movie because there is a ton of heavy hitters involved. Not to mention a first time Scorsese collaboration with Jonah Hill and Matthew McConaughey. Hopefully things shape out correctly and we can get a movie from Marty before Oscar season says goodbye.

Check out The Wolf of Wall Street trailer below!

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Source: Biz411