The new Fantastic Four film continues to inch its way forward and Simon Kinberg was brought in to rework the script. He has extensive experience with the comic book genre, especially working with Fox, as a writer for X-Men Last Stand as well as a producer on X-Men First Class. I have no doubt he’ll do a good job, but more news has trickled down today. There is a Fantastic Four casting rumor list gestating over at Fox.

Michael B. Jordan remains the guy for Johnny Storm (The Human Torch), which is fantastic because that guy is destined to become a huge star. He’s freaky talented. Beyond that, we have a few candidates for Sue Storm (The Invisible Woman) in: Saorise Ronan, Kate Mara, and Margot Robbie. There is also word on the Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) front. Hopefuls include, Kit Harrington, Jack O’Connell, and Miles Teller (who has been mentioned for the role before). Sadly there is no news regarding Ben Grimm (The Thing).

I firmly believe any of those actors would be great. It seems like they’re going pretty young with the cast though. All of those actors are 26 or younger except for Mara who does look pretty young for 30. That’s awful young for a story about space scientists exposed to radiation, people that age can barely even intern in the labs where the Fantastic Four spend their days (Ronan is 19 she’d have barely finished her first high level physics course).

I wonder how Kinberg is going to make that work. I hope it makes sense. I’m sure the casting is largely dependent on Kinburg’s choices, so I hope he makes good ones. I also hope he makes them pretty soon. I’m itching to see how this plays out. The Fantastic Four is one of the best superhero teams out there, and they have not gotten the big screen adaptation they deserve.

Do you think this gang seems too young? Are you open to a modified origin? How good could these Fantastic Four casting rumors be if they can make the story work? So good, right? I have tests to run, but I’ll see you in the comments.

Source: Slash Film