So, here is the breakdown… Summer 2015 now has Jurassic World, Star Wars VII, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Batman Vs. Superman, Ant-Man, Terminator 5, and now ladies and gentlemen, Ted 2. Pretty ballsy move by the studio and Seth MacFarlane. 

Depending on how you perceive the decision, this is either a terrible or brilliant idea. On the one hand, the Summer schedule is already crammed packed with too much competition. On the positive end, there is very little competition in the comedy market for the film, leaving Ted 2 a golden opportunity to take advantage in a comic book filled season.

I’m not the biggest Family Guy fan as I used to be, but Ted was a delightful raunchy good time. It’s like MacFarlane took Woody and Andy from Toy Story and imagined what their sick adult life would turn out like. I laughed a lot and highly looking forward to the sequel when it hits theaters.

Ted 2 is now scheduled for June 26, 2015, which places it around the same time frame as the last film in 2012. Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis are also expected to reprise their roles as soon as production begins. Are you excited for Ted 2 as much as I am? Tell me in the comments below!

Source: Slashfilm