The Breakdown

We start off with Jax in Thomas’ room, writing in his journal, while we overhear a press release from the DA. Nero & Gemma are at church, while Marshall Lee is chilling with a hooker. We see Bobby heading towards Reno with 2 others, possibly looking for a 4th.

PoenitentiaThe DA speaks with an officer about the whereabouts of the mother, he says no one has heard from her or Arcadia, her boyfriend. Gemma and Nero leave the church as she inquirers about the whole ordeal of confessional.

At the hotel, the Marshall is chilling in his black speedos when he hears some noise from outside, he grabs his gun to see what’s going on, realizing it’s just the DA. At that moment, he turns around and accidentally shoots the hooker he was with in the stomach. She starts to freak out, so he calms her down by shooting her in the head twice. He heads outside to speak to the DA, and they discuss finding out who gave the kid the gun, and getting Clay to sign the papers to turn states evidence.

Jax meets up with the cop who’s running things in Charming in order to find out what’s going on. He doesn’t find out much new, other than Lee’s the guy who set up Tara’s arrest.

PoenitentiaTara shows up at the shop and drops off the kids with Gemma, as she has to head to the DR to have her hand checked on. I also imagine to confirm if she’s pregnant or not. Man, don’t they sell condoms in Charming?

Jax meets up with Clay, finally. Clay apologizes for everything that went down, and says he isn’t giving the Marshall shit. He knows he’ll go back to Gen-Pop, and he knows that’ll play out as expected. Jax walks up to the two-way mirror that the Marshall is standing behind and apologizes for what happened to his sister, that he feels how personal all of this is for him, and that SAMCRO had nothing to do with it. He says that Otto acted alone and is a broken man. He also warns him to back away from Tara, otherwise he’ll feel how personal things can get. The Marshall meets up with Clay after Jax leaves and tries to get him to sign the papers to turn states evidence, but Clay won’t do it. At least not for now.

Back at the club house, Jax tells the group that Clay says he hasn’t given the Marshall shit.

PoenitentiaBobby meets up with 2 guys from the Reno chapter who say they’re in. What they’re in for, not sure yet.

The Marshall is at the house of some Bizlats, and wants some info on the location of the mother and Arcadia. He has them tied up, and begins some torture methods in order to secure some info. So far, they aren’t giving up anything. You know, I always want to root for the bad-ass who does harsh things to harsh people, but this guy is a flabby sack of crap in tacky underwear.

Over at the shop, Wendy shows up and says he was attacked by a guy from an NA meeting. She fought back and escaped, but his gentlemanly parting words were that he and his friends would rape her bloody.

PoenitentiaNero & Jax are meeting up with the Collette at Braskis doughnut shop, and suddenly it’s shot up by what’s revealed to be Persians. They make a plate, and are soon on their way to find out who got sand in his bed sheets. The location ends up being the docks, as Jax & Braski are welcomed aboard after ditching their guns. Amear, the lead Persian, is a bit pissed at the fact that his brother is missing, and who’s jacket was found in the water. Jax & Braski back each other up when they say they both saw the guy leave in one piece. Everything is cool, but Braski decides to be an ultra bad ass by whipping out a knife and slicing the throat of a bodyguard, beating the rest, and taking their guns. Amear is told to shove off, and that’s that. They get back to the dougnut shop, and Jax asks Tig to go fetch the porn equipment from the Persians, seemingly perhaps for a set up.

Marshall is officially made a special investigator by the DA.

Clay is brought to a room where he meets up with 3 of Pope’s people. He fights off two, but a 3rd gets him and they pummel on him for a second or two. Clay tells them to get it over with, but the man with the shiv says that’s up to Clay. Outside, Clay meets up with some Nazi folk for what I assume is a protection ordeal. The Nazis approach Clay, but just then Pope’s guys start a fight, at which point Clay stabs a Nazi fellow in the neck many times. He’s then thrown in solitary.

Tara is back and picks up the kids, she then tells Gemma that she’s pregnant, to which Gemma is pretty excited about.

PoenitentiaWe catch up with the Marshall who’s taking hair & thread from the dead hooker, telling her he’ll make it all matter.

Jax arrives at Collette’s house, who’s having a good time with Braski. He then leaves and meets up with August, Pope’s right hand man. Apparently Jax wants Clay alive, in order to help him facilitate a break up with the Irish. He then tells him that the CaraCara porn business is back up, and it could prove lucrative for a silent partner. August is interested, and he’d also like to know about that other piece of business, prompting Jax to hand him a piece of paper.

Wendy arrives at Gemma’s place, and instead of getting help from Jax, she gets a piece.

End of the Episode Montage: Wendy leaves just as Nero shows up, who’s got the Marshall following him. Collete calls Jax, but he doesn’t answer. Tig digs around the Persian’s porn studio. Clay gets a shiv. Jax sees the pregnancy test that’s on the table. The Marshall breaks into Nero’s truck and plants some evidence from the dead hooker. The cops find the dead hooker dumped in a ditch. Wendy is at home, and wipes away the brusies that she had put on herself apparently. As Tig sits at the former studio, Pope’s men walk in. Logo.

The Analysis

This season is all types of glorious. This Marshall character is completely twisted, and practically driven insane by his need to get revenge. I like what they’re doing with Clay, as I truly believe he is sorry for all that’s happened, and I’m interested to see all of the things he’s going to have to do to survive in jail. I’m certainly not sad to see Tig go, as he’s been the definition of loose cannon for years now, and was indirectly the result of Opie’s death. With his latest stunt, he could have gotten a lot more of the Sons killed, simply because he can’t control his temper. I like the twist with Wendy, because she was never a character I had much interest in, but now that’s changed. Great episode.