Breaking Bad has always been about the little moments of decision that lead people down darker paths. In the advertisements for the last two installments, that theme comes to the fore. The poster displays the RV where it all started out in the New Mexico desert with the text, “it was all about the chemistry.” Alongside the flashback, Breaking Bad writer Peter Gould tweeted an announcement that each of the Breaking Bad final episodes will be extended to seventy-five minutes with commercials.

The poster shows the same deft touch that has characterized the show since its inception. It even includes a very nice touch of gratitude. “Thanks to everyone who made Bad so good.” It looks wonderful and the added episode length just has me more exciting about Heisenberg’s upcoming adventures. I’m a little worried about my heart though.

The past few episodes have left me alternatingly senseless and catatonic. It’s been one of the wildest rides in television history, like a roller coaster that tazes you right before every major drop. The endurance test continues, and just like running a marathon the end is going to feel like the longest part. I can barely survive the sixty-minute version. I’m just about sure the seventy-five will kill me, or at least render me insane. At least, in my drama induced hallucinations, the Breaking Bad final episodes can see Jesse and Walt just hang out in space with Scottie and Chekov while they wear best friend sweaters and beam the stomachs out of erstwhile New Mexico Nazis. Has this show turned your life upside down too? Will we ever recover? WHAT HAPPENS WHEN IT ENDS? HELP ME IN THE COMMENTS!

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