The Robocop remake lumbers onward. MGM and Sony Pictures Entertainment have made a joint announcement, along with IMAX Corporation that Robocop IMAX will be digitally remastered and released nationwide on February 7th.

This doesn’t make me any more excited about what appears to be a less fascinating version of one of my favorite movies, with a huge costume downgrade and probably way less awesome violence, but it will give us some good looks at the deep cast for this film. Jose Padhila’s (Elite Squad, Elite Squad: Enemy Within (both so cool)) remake will star Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton, Abbie Cornish, Jackie Earle Haley, and Samuel L. Jackson, among others. Those are some faces I’d like to see in as much detail as possible.

This remake appears to be pretty in step with the original, the biggest difference being its far more explicit discussion of drone warfare. That makes sense since unmanned combat vehicles weren’t a thing in 1987. Otherwise, it remains a story about a security company trying to produce a robotic cop using the mostly dead body of a loyal lawman as the base. Of course, they forget that there’s a human in there. Having a soul and stuff allows Robocop to transcend his coding and fight for good against a corrupt industry.

All of that rules. I just don’t think it necessarily needs to be rehashed. With a good cast and a director who has definite action chops, there might be potential here, but I remain unimpressed by the trailers, and unclear on why this is a great time for this movie. Are y’all hyped for a Robocop IMAX experience? It’s gotta be better than the last attempt at remaking Paul Verhoeven, right? Why don’t bad guys just shoot him in the jaw? Let’s prognosticate down in the comments.

Source: Latino Review