Been itching for some Star Wars updates? Well, my fellow Renegades, I have a couple of juicy scoops for you. One is a new name now being tossed around in the Star Wars VII casting mix. That name my good people is Saoirse Ronan.


I know what you’re thinking… I have no idea how to pronounce her name either. What I’m also thinking is what a solid choice for the movie. For those who don’t remember, Saoirse Ronan is the actress who played Hannah in the 2011 action-thriller of the same title. She proved she has insanely great screen presence in that film. Especially with sharing scenes with Oscar-worthy names like Cate Blanchett.

All that is known from this rumor is that the actress possibly read for a certain character. Who that character is we don’t know yet. However, Latino-Review also heard whispers of a female Sith in the next film. I’d be game for a female bad guy. For the record though, the site made clear they don’t think she read for a villain part. Leia’s daughter maybe?

Which leads us to Benedict Cumberbatch.


We’ve all heard the denials about him joining the movie. The whole buzz started when Cumberbatch exited Del Toro’s Crimson Peak for no explainable reason. Even though, his reps insist it has nothing to do with a galaxy far, far away, Latino- Review once again begs the differ saying,


HE IS IN THE MOVIE! In fact, he will be in all three Star Wars films! It’s all a smoke screen. Folks, remember when Cumberbatch denied being Khan for over a year? Same situation here. At least give us the benefit of the doubt hence why we are bringing this up. Point is, he lied before and he can lie again. Google it. One more time because it is worth repeating, Benedict Cumberbatch will be in the upcoming Star Wars movies.

What do you think? Is Benedict Cumberbatch in Star Wars VII after all? Is Saoirse Ronan a good casting choice? Tell us below!

Source: Latino Review