Joe Carnahan the writer and director of The Grey, you know the one with Liam Neeson and some wolves in the snow, is back at it again. A little more than a year ago Mark Millar announced that Carnahan had signed up to write a direct an adaptation of Millar’s graphic novel Nemesis. After his recent pitch to reboot Daredevil failed to get off the ground, it appears that Carnahan is all in as the Nemesis writer. He recently tweeted the word done and a picture of a completed Nemesis screenplay.


I guess that means we’re getting another Mark Millar movie. I really don’t like that guy at all. His work is mostly dark for dark’s sake, or alternatively, shocking for shocking’s sake. He doesn’t strike me as the kind of dude I’d like to have a beer with, which is weird given that I’ll drink a beer with anyone at any opportunity.

Nemesis writerMy feelings for his work aside, his stuff does seem to translate well to the silver screen. Most studios demand a scaling back of the more deplorable aspects of his work (removing the gang rape from Kick-Ass 2 is a good example). In the case of Kick-Ass and Kick-Ass 2 that lead to a greater focus on the characters and the world.

As far as what to expect from Nemesis, it’s Millar’s answer to the question no one asked: ‘what if Batman were the Joker?’ It’s a flimsy premise I know, but one that works at better than I expected when I read it. Evil Batman (hopefully Christian Bale with goatee) terrorizes the city while Alternate Universe Commissioner Gordon (hopefully Gary Oldman without a goatee) tries his damnedest to bring this masked menace to justice.

In classic Millar style, a lot of really distressing things happen. Not the least of which is Evil Batman’s insane scheme to impregnate Gordon’s daughter with his son’s sperm. When an abortion is suggested the doctor says, “he’s rigged your daughters womb to completely collapse if we attempt a termination.” That’s insane. Totally insane. Hopefully the movie can maintain that ludicrous sense of things, but maybe without such disturbing mechanisms. I can imagine this movie being pretty good, or totally disastrous. What do you think? Am I being too hard on Millar? Are rigged wombs ok? Let’s talk!

Source: Screenrant