Walking Dead Season 4The Walking Dead season four starts this Halloween and the production team promises new villains that are worse than anything we have seen before. AMC released this interesting promotional look at season four, with the cast and crew talking about what we can expect from the upcoming season of the popular zombie series.

The video shows that Rick will have a lot of decisions to make when it comes to his choices at being a father or a leader as well as decisions that will effect the survivor’s as a whole. There are also some minor spoilers, including a spot where Hershel talks to Rick about lost lives, but nothing still about The Governor.

Check out The Walking Dead Season 4 promotional video and let us know what you think.

“There’s always going to be new locations and new places to discover and explore. I don’t want to reveal too much,” Robert Kirkman said. “I will say that as we see at the end of Season 3 we’re definitely going to start Season 4 at the prison. We may be there the whole season and we may not be… But there are going to be some big differences from Season 3.”