Phase 3 of the Marvel movie universe kicks off in 2015 with Ant-Man, and Marvel announced today that the Phase 3 launch will happen sooner than originally expected. The Ant-Man release date has been moved up from November 2015 to a new July 31, 2015 release date.

2015 will already be a monster year, and the summer alone will see movies like Avengers: Age of Ultron, Terminator 5, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and Batman vs. Superman hit theaters. However, while that is intimidating, putting Ant-Man in November 2015 would have put it in direct competition with Star Wars: Episode VII.

Since Marvel and Lucas Film are both owned by Disney, this is probably just Disney covering their own butts. There might be conspiracy theorists out there who think it means more than that, but they are likely wrong.

I for one can’t wait for Ant-Man. As an Edgar Wright fan, I am very excited to see what he does under the Marvel banner, since they normally allow their filmmakers to bring their vision to the films. That works out great, as Joss Whedon, Kenneth Branagh and Shane Black have proven.

Wright has made some of my all-time favorite movies, with Hot Fuzz at the top of the list, and to imagine what he can do in the superhero genre has me all kinds of tingly inside.

Go see The World’s End while its still in theaters and see what I mean. And as a reminder, the Ant-Man release date is July 31, 2015.

Source: Screen Rant