To'HajiileeThis week we open up with Todd, his Uncle Jack & friend, and Lidia, the lady running the whole operation. Todd has brought the purity up to 76%. However, it isn’t blue, so of course Lidia complains a bit. Todd reassured her that he’s working on it, and will deliver. He seems to have a bit of a thing for her, and since he looks like Meth Damon, he may score. We then hear Walt’s phone call from his end.

We catch up with Hank & Gomez, and apparently Jesse has a plan. Get Walt’s money. He doesn’t know where it’s kept, but he knows someone who may. They get ahold of Huel, the large black dude that protects Saul. They take a photo of Jesse to appear as if though he’s dead, and use it to convince Huel that Walt is after him. He simply says he doesn’t know where the money is, and that Walt took all of it in a van.

Walt is taking a meeting with Todd’s Uncle, and they say the price for Pinkman is that he cooks with Todd. He’s hesitant at first, but finally agrees. His Uncle needs to know where he’s at, but Walt doesn’t know.
What he does know, is how to flush him out.

We’re now at Andrea’s house, and Walt is getting her to call up Jesse and leave a message. I have a feeling this will displease Jesse to a degree.

Hank intercepts the message, and doesn’t tell Jesse. The van rental place doesn’t keep GPS in their vehicles, but Hank says that Walt doesn’t know that.

Saul shows up to the Car Wash, and says that Huel is missing. Walt gets a picture message of his barrel of money, to which Jesse calls and tells him he’s about to burn it all. Walt races to the site, but no one is there. He sees a dust trail, and calls Todd’s Uncle. They suit up for war, but then Walt sees what’s going on and tells them nevermind.

Walt walks out from behind the rock, with his hands up, and towards Hank & Gomez. They cuff him, and read him his rights. Walt calls Jesse a coward, to which Jesse answers back by spitting in his face. Hank calls Marie to tell him of what happened, and she’s happy. Just then, Todd’s Uncle, Jack, shows up with his posse, and before you know it, cooler heads prevail. By that, I mean they open fire in a hail of bullets and one of the most frustrating cliff-hangers of all time. I am glad to know I called it though, that Walt was going to war against the Nazis when he bought the .50 cal.

Last Hit: These final episodes are an f’ning doosey, that’s all I can say. Breaking Bad is probably reaching the greatest crescendo that any television show has ever in history. This last one had some of, if not the, most tense few minutes I’ve ever seen. The second Walt hangs up that phone you’re expecting a bullet or 10,000 to come ripping through Hank & Gomez, because the Nazi folk are not going to let a cash cow like Walt go.

I assume out of the 2 episodes we have left, that next week will be how everything ends for Walt & those involved in his life, and the final episode will be about him getting even against the Nazis. Whatever route they take, I trust it’ll be damn good, and there are few shows I’ve ever given that trust to.  I’ll see you guys here next week, as well as Wednesday for Sons of Anarchy.