Despite all the re-shoots and behind-the-scenes turmoil, World War Z turned out to be a pretty darn good movie when all was said and done. It was a lot like 28 Days Later with a bit more globetrotting and Brad Pitt. Anyway, Pitt did some talking at the Toronto International Film Festival about the chances for a World War Z sequel.

Of course, the original movie ended with a very downer ending, which was part of the reason the re-shoots took place. I am pretty sure I know most of what was changed, and while the original script called for a more pessimistic end which would have perfectly set up a sequel, I think the re-shoots made it a better theatrical experience – especially if it was a one-shot film.

Luckily for those of us who liked it, the movie made $536 million to date which makes it a really big success – especially for a movie that most people felt was dead in the water thanks to the poor press coming out thanks to the re-shoots and behind-the-scenes conflict.

The first movie ended with a satisfying conclusion, but it also left it open for more stories to be told, although I don’t see how, or why, Brad Pitt’s character would need to be dragged back into the World War Z sequel.

Here is a look at what Brad Pitt had to say about the World War Z sequel:

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