Finally, a justifiable use of Kickstarter by a renounced director – Uwe Boll wants your money for his next film.

Uwe Boll is, of course, the casually racist director of such abysmally terribly video game adaptations as House of the Dead, Alone in the Dark, Bloodrayne, and Postal – the sequel to which he’s trying to finance through the popular crowd-sourcing platform.

The abrasive German director has been uploading videos to the campaign’s page urging potential contributors to donate money – offering executive producer credits and even on-screen roles to high backers.

Boll expressed his desire to use as many “real” actors as possible in the reality shows he plans to lampoon, “I always wanted to rape Heidi Klum, so why not?” he says in one of the videos. Following that, Boll goes into an extended rant on how Scientology is for wackos and how Tom Cruise is a “retard.” But that’s supposed to be the “joke” video.

Another video – this one titled “Seriously” – features Boll ranting about the need for Postal 2 in a post Snowden NSA America.

Almost a week in, the campaign has already raised over $22 thousand towards it’s half a million goal. Proving that we here in America value money very little. The campaign ends October 27th.