Rabid DogWe start off this week with Walt arriving at home to find a car crashed outside of his house, knowing it belongs to Jesse. He sneaks inside, revolver in hand, but the only thing left of Jesse is the over-whelming smell of gas.  He gets a hold of Saul, who has his guys come out to try and fix things. They can’t get the gas smell completely out, so Walt devises a plan. He tells his family that a gas pump he was using went on the fritz, and hosed him in gasoline, at which point he came home to take a shower, leaving his soaked clothes on the carpet. JR says he’s full of shit, and wants him to come clean. He knows that his dad fainted. Walter admits to feeling a little weak, but no fainting happened. He suggests they all stay in a nice hotel until the carpet can be replaced. People seem down with this.

We catch up with Marie who’s seeing her therapist. She was apparently up for hours the previous night, looking up untraceable poisons. She really seems like she might be going out of her mind. I predict she tries to kill Walt, but ends up killing Skylar in the process.

At the hotel, Walt meets Saul outside in a car to find out just where Jesse his. No one can find him at this point. He suggests to Walt that perhaps when they do find him, they put him down. However, he isn’t having this plan whatsoever, as he’s still looking out for Jesse.

Back upstairs, Skylar says she played along for Junior’s sake, but wants to know what the real deal is. Walt tells her, and she, much like Saul, thinks that Jesse needs to be put down. As she says, what’s one more? Again, Walt isn’t hip with this plan.

We go back a bit in time to find out what happened with Jesse. As he lit the match, Hank showed up and convinced him to come with him, in order to really burn Mr. White. Jesse ends up crashing at Hank’s house, because if he’s in the system, Walt will find out. The next morning, he has Jesse make a video confession, and then convinces him to wear a wire for a meeting with Walt. Concerned over Jesse, and thinking he changed his mind at the last moment, Walt had called Jesse and told him he’d be at Central Plaza, so they could talk and figure things out. Jesse at first needed some convincing, as he was sure Walt was going to kill him. Hank assures him that it isn’t going to happen, but once Jesse leaves the room, he reveals to Gomez that if Walt kills Jesse, they’ll get it on film, and there will be one less junkie. However, when it’s time for the meet, Jesse gets spooked and leaves. However, before completely getting the hell out of dodge, he calls Walt from a pay phone and says he’s going to burn him where it really counts. What’s worse than burning his house? His groin? I don’t get it. Walt heads to his car and makes a call to Todd, telling him he has another job for him and his uncle. On that note, we’re out.

Last Hit: The people who consider themselves the good guys, Jesse, Hank, and Marie are all so desperate to get Walt that they’re willing to sacrifice any & everything. Nothing matters more than getting what they want. Just like when Walt started this whole ordeal in order to create a nest-egg for his family. You know, frowny-face Jesse can pout and cry all he wants, but everything bad that has ever happened is because of him. Things would still be well with Guss if Jesse hadn’t got all methed up and attempted to kill those two dealers. All of that set of a chain reaction. Walt is constantly trying to protect Jesse, and because of that, terrible things have happened. I back Walt.