ConfessionsThis week starts off with Todd in the parking lot of a diner, calling Walt and leaving him a message about what went down with the old crew. Back inside the diner, Todd is telling his Uncle and a friend about the time they robbed the train. He leaves out the part about killing an innocent kid, but I suppose you don’t want to sour an exciting story with boring details. We see them freshen up in the powder room, and then head off to New Mexico.

We’re now back with Rainy Cloud Jesse who’s sitting in interrelation. Hank comes in and offers him a deal, telling Jesse he knows it’s Walt, and that it seems like there’s trouble in paradise. Jesse responds with “eat me”. Saul shows up, and wants to know why Jesse is in Eeyore mode, and why he didn’t call him the second he was picked up.

Back at Walt’s, he’s on the phone with Saul and tells him use the money he gave him and do whatever he can to get Jesse out. Meanwhile, Walt JR comes home, and says he’s gonna go to Aunt Maria’s because she needs help with computer stuff, and she wants him to stay for dinner. Walt tells Jesse about his cancer coming back and such, prompting him to stay at home.

We flash over to Hank’s place, and he tells Maria that he hasn’t said anything yet. Back over at The White Residence, we see that Walt is sitting down with a camcorder. Skylar asks if he wants to do this, and he says it’s the only way. She records, and be begins with “this is my confession”. We then cut to Walt, Skylar, Hank, and Maria at a Mexican restaurant. Hanks asks if Walt is confessing, to which he says he has nothing to confess. He then asks them to leave the children out of it, telling Hank he has no proof. Maria says Walt should kill himself, since he says this all dies with him. Hank tells him that’s not the right choice, that the right choice is to step up, be a man, and confess. Walt then tells Skylar it’s time to go, and he leaves a DVD with Hank. They go home to play the video, and Walt confesses alright. He confesses to Hank running a meth empire, and forcing Walt to be his chemist. He lays out his entire story, but with Hank at the helm of everything. It’s a pretty brilliant move. Turns out that Hank had no idea that Walt had paid for all of his medical bills. He says it’s the final nail in the coffin, that he’s dead. Marie asks a stupid question, wondering what they should do. Oh, I don’t know, leave Walt the hell alone? It’s like me going to a swamp, and punching an alligator in the face, then telling someone “I’m going to put this alligator in my car! Oh man, what am I going to do once he’s in the car! It’ll be bad news bears!”.

We catch up with Jesse & Saul, as they wait for Walt out in the desert. Jesse tells Walt that he doesn’t think the rest of the DEA knows, and Walt tells him that he should just get out-of-town. Get a new identity. I keep waiting for Walt to kill Jesse. He tells Walt to stop “jerking him around”, and be straight with him. That he needs him, he needs him to leave, because Hank will never let up. He wants to hear that it’s get out-of-town, or he’s going to be killed. He wants to hear that Walt doesn’t give a shit about him. It’s at this point that Walt simply walks up, and hugs Jesse. The whole moment is actually one of the best of the entire series.

At the car wash, Walt walks into the office to find Skylar, as she seems worried. He tells her that they’re fine, and she agrees.

At the DEA headquarters, Gomez confronts Hank about his use of his men for surveillance on Pinkman. He says tell him what the score is, or he’s gonna take his men off. Hank tells him to take the guys off then.

Back at Saul’s, he makes the call in order to get Jesse out-of-town. Jesse wants to know if he gets a say in where he goes, as he seems pretty big on Alaska. While waiting for the guy, Jesse freaks out over the fake his pot was swiped at Saul’s, and comes to the realization that Walt poisoned Brock. He heads back to Saul’s, and beats the hell out of him, then grabs a gun that Saul was going for in his desk. He then uses the threat of using such weapon as a tool of confession. Saul finally tells him yes, he lifted the cig and gave it to Walt. Jesse grabs Saul’s car keys, and it’s off to the races.

Walt shows up to the car wash, and grabs a gun he had hidden in the soda machine. After that, we see Jesse arrive at Walt’s house, kick in the door, and start pouring gas every where, and with that, we’re out….

Final Hit: Wow. That’s one of the worst cliff-hangers I’ve ever been witness to. F’ning brutal. This was a hell of an episode, and blows last week’s out of the water. It’s pretty clear that Jesse is going to die, and it seems like it’s what he wants. Even with the realization about Brock, he should have simply gone to Alaska, and called it a life. What the hell is he coming back going to do?