Purists should be very happy with the latest Star Wars Episode VII news. As J.J. Abrams continues to win over old-school Star Wars fans, his latest announcement was a shocking proclamation and might have earned more brownie points than any other. Abrams will shoot Star Wars on film.

Star Wars film stock…

This isn’t really that shocking, since J.J. Abrams has always been a film guy and he has never shot a film digitally. He is a Steven Spielberg devotee, so that makes sense. But, Phantom Menace was the last movie shot with film stock, so this is a nice return (not to Phantom Menace, but to the original trilogy – lets all continue to forget Phantom Menace existed).

This also means that Star Wars Episode VII won’t be shot in 3D, but I guarantee that Disney will transfer it to 3D, which could work, but isn’t exactly how the format is supposed to work.

So, we get Star Wars shot on film, the (probable) return of the original cast of Mark Hammil, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford, all directed by the man who made Star Trek cool for the first time ever.

The Star Wars Episode VII news just keeps on getting better and better as we get closet to the actual start of shooting.

Source: Screen Rant