In the comics, Hank Pym (aka, Ant-Man) created Ultron as a force for good. When the robot’s AI developed and became dominant, it decided the only way to save the world was to eliminate humans. Then it became just pure evil and Hank Pym never lived down creating the monster. We already knew that Pym would not create Ultron for Avengers 2, but now we have proof that Ultron also won’t appear at all in the Ant-Man solo movie that comes out after The Avengers 2.

Ant-ManThis makes sense.

If Hank Pym did not create Ultron in the movies, there is no reason to connect them after the fact. Plus, Edgar Wright already has strong plans for his story and they never included Ultron anyway.

This did slightly bum me out based on my hope that Pym worked for SHIELD and actually did create Ultron, only for SHIELD to be the “creators” in Joss Whedon’s movie. That could still happen, but too many people are predicting that Tony Stark will make the villain.

Here is what Edgar Wright said:

“Even just to sort of set up what Ant-Man does is enough for one movie. The villain [in Iron Man] comes from the hero’s technology. It’s simple. I think why that film really works and why, sometimes, superhero films fail — or they have mixed results — [is] because they have to set up a hero and a villain at the same time. And that’s really tough. And sometimes it’s unbalanced. Comics have years to explain this stuff and in a movie you have to focus on one thing. It’s about kind of streamlining, I think. Some of the most successful origin films actually have a narrower focus. You cannot put 50 years of the Marvel universe into a movie. It’s impossible.”

Edgar Wright knows what he is doing. He has not made a bad movie yet and I don’t think Ant-Man will be his first. I also don’t think that Hank Pym is going to be the Ant-Man hero in this movie. Wright already announced that Scott Lang and Henry Pym will both be in the movie. I am really starting to believe that Hank Pym will be the man behind the tech, but that they will go with the storyline of Scott stealing it to save his daughter and becoming the hero while Hank stays a scientist.

In that case, there was never any reason at all to have Ultron.

Plus, it could mean Pym works for SHIELD and could be responsible in the end anyway, which would make me all kinds of happy.

Source: Hollywood Reporter