Joss Whedon talked about his depiction of Ultron in the upcoming 2015 film Avengers 2. While discussing what was and wasn’t important about his Avengers 2 Ultron, he made sure to clarify that this version of the robot was not the all-powerful one from the comic books.

Avengers 2 UltronAnd, as always, Whedon makes plenty of sense with his comments.

Basically, when Ultron first appeared in the comics, he was not indestructible and all-powerful. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t until he created his own robot, The Vision, and had that robot make him an indestructible body that he became as powerful as he ended up being.

If the Avengers 2 Ultron is a new creation, he wouldn’t be that powerful anyway. Plus, as Whedon explains, wouldn’t be an interesting villain if he was pretty much indestructible.

Whedon did go on to describe Ultron as “not a happy guy” who just wants to destroy the Avengers team.  He said that Ultron has a problem and is angry and that is what makes the villain so interesting in his story. He also said that, to make Ultron more interesting, he needs less powers than he has in the comics.

Joss Whedon compared him to The Hulk, someone who is angry and wants to destroy things, but someone who has a reason to be mad and destructive. It sounds like Whedon is interested in making the Avengers 2 Ultron less of a robot and more of a true antagonist in the movie.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly