For those not in the know, Boom! Studios is the publisher of graphic novels, whose Day Menwheelhouse includes 2 Guns. You may be more familiar with the Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington film version, but before it came to the big screen the concept was a fairly popular comic property. On the heels of the success of 2 Guns (debatable, I guess, since the film has earned just overĀ $61M so far with a production budget of roughly the same…but hey, it did open at #1 that week), Universal has announced that they have optioned the rights to Boom!’s Day Men, a series that tells the story of a world where vampires have human daytime bodyguards.

Universal is reported to have paid a seven figure sum for rights to Day Men. Not bad for a series that had its debut in July of this year. (!) The concept itself sounds hella interesting, and gets more intriguing when one of the human day-guards must intervene in a battle between two rival vampire families. This is the kind of this your Renegade Reporter will be seeking out in printed form in the very near future, even if this thing languishes in development hell for a decade. Simply sounds like an intriguing universe to me. I was going to actually look up some more info on the web about the series but I don’t want to spoil myself (and no, that’s not just me being lazy).

What do you guys and gals think? Does Day Men sound like something you’d like to see/read?

Source: Deadline Hollywood