Gareth Edwards’ 2010 indie film Monsters was a great ride, a unique take on the alien infestation tale. After a deep space probe crashes back to Earth, certain areas of the planet (an infected zone covering the U.S..-Mexico border) become inhabited by large alien…well…monsters that make human cohabitation impossible and travel through said regions tenuous as best. The movie chronicles the travels of a journalist and his wealthy employer’s daughter through the region from “San Jose, Central America” back to the U.S. It’s a good yarn, and you should definitely seek it out if you’ve never seen it (I believe it’s streaming online through Netflix at this time.)

Well, you know how it is in Hollywood…indie movie has a decent following, and sometimes you gotta follow it up with a bigger, not as intimate sequel. Here’s the teaser trailer for said follow up, Monsters: Dark Continent.

As a fan of Monsters, I gotta say I’m a little leery of this followup. Must they follow the Alien –> Aliens blueprint? Of course, this is only a one minute teaser so it’s too early to be making an presumptions. More news to come on Monsters: Dark Continent as it comes out.

Source: /Film