As the Internet implodes from Ben Affleck haters after the recent Batman casting news, things are going to get worse for those haters. Not only is Ben Affleck playing Batman in the Batman vs. Superman movie, but he has signed a multi-picture deal.

This is obvious news, but something that will make the people slamming their heads against their desks moan even louder.

According to Devin Faraci over at Bad Ass Digest, he is predicting that Affleck has signed on for five or six movies and is pretty certain that a new Batman franchise might follow the Justice League movie. At the age of 41, that would put Affleck at about the age of Robert Downey Jr. right now when his tenure as Batman would roll to an end.

People seem to hate these new Batman casting news almost as much as they hated Heath Ledger as The Joker and Daniel Craig as James Bond. We see how bad those last two casting choices worked out. Of course, most of those people pretend they didn’t hate those last two, but most of them are lying.

There was even petitions to try to block the Daniel Craig as James Bond move because it would “kill the franchise.” As for Heath Ledger, read what Internet haters were saying when Chris Nolan cast him as The Joker over at Geek Tyrant.

This isn’t the end of the world. Affleck proved that he could play a strong character in The Town and proved he could do downbeat in Hollywoodland. He proved he could do Bruce Wayne in The Company Men and State of Play. And it wasn’t Affleck that hurt the original cut of Daredevil. Watch the Director’s Cut and you will see a good comic book adaptation. Plus, if you want to know whose fault the original Daredevil was, the same writer and director also made Ghost Rider.

Anyway, you will be seeing a lot of Ben Affleck in the upcoming DC Universe movies. I for one began cheering for him after Gone Baby Gone and I am not going to forget how good this stage of his career has been just because he took the role of Batman.

Besides, Affleck was the bomb in Phantoms.

Source: Bad Ass Digest