Robert Rodriguez’s El Mariachi, and following sequels, Desperado, as well as Once Upon A Time In Mexico are about a guitar playing vigilante who’s out for nothing more than blood & revenge. Sony Pictures & Teleset are now bringing the tale to television for the Latin American market. The El Mariache TV show is set for an hours time, with 70 episodes to start.

“Much like the film, El Mariachi offers audiences a unique blend of high-stakes action and romance,” said Angélica Guerra, SPT SVP and managing director, production, Latin America and U.S. Hispanic. “Staying true to the story, we are producing the series in Mexico shooting in magnificent locations and utilizing some of the country’s best talent.”

Also on the docket, an English-language cable network from Rodriguez, John Fogelman, and Cristina Patwa’s FactoryMade known as the El Rey Network, is launching a series based on From Dusk Till Dawn.

I think an El Mariachi TV show could do very well. So many dramas these days are so serious, and so hunkered in reality. I’d love to see an action movie TV show where ammo clips are infinite and abs & fists do the talking. I also love the idea about a series based on From Dusk Till Dawn. However, they need to realize something; while the whole vampire aspect kicked major ass in the original, it’s the first half that made it so great. Take a look at the sequels, they’re pretty terrible. Although I freely admit that Texas Blood Money isn’t without it’s charms.