According to IMDB, Jason Blum’s current projects list is at 17. While out promoting his latest, Insidious: Chapter 2, Blum discussed having a full plate of Blumhouse upcoming films;

“We are in development on a lot of things, but sometimes we develop things and they don’t get made. Most of the time, the things that we develop that don’t get made is because the director goes off and does another movie, which I encourage them to do. So in order to have a certain amount of movies actually in production, we have to develop more.”

Juggling all these projects is apparently no problem for his company, BlumHouse Productions.;

“We have a meeting every week and the movies that we focus on the most start with the ones coming out. So the most important movie to the company right now is ‘Insidious 2′ and then ‘Paranormal’ and then we move backwards, so then we look at the movies in post-production, then we look at the movies in production. Probably to answer your question, the movies that we’re actually prepping, which means we’re actually spending money, there’s a little staff, those are the most real and before that everything is in development. You never know when something in development is gonna go or not.”

He later goes on to discuss what’s to be done before the next Paranormal Activity;

“The next movie we’re shooing is a movie called ‘Whiplash,’ which starts the beginning of September and then we have two or three more movies that we’re gonna shoot before the end of the year, but we’re not ready to announce those yet.”

Whiplash stars J.K. Simmons, and is about a jazz orchestra teacher with a temper who takes it out on a drummer, played by Miles Teller.

I’ve only seen the first Paranormal Activity and thought it was a pretty well done film. I’ve also heard good things about the sequels, as well as Insidious. Glad to see there’s a franchise taking up the mantle of constant sequels, something we haven’t seen since Saw.

SOURCE: Screenrant