Latino Review has a penchant for breaking comic book movie rumors, and when Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn joked that they would delay the Rocket Raccoon casting announcement one day for every person who asked, El Mayimbe took it upon himself to find out who it was. What he announced was that Bradley Cooper has been offered the Rocket Raccoon role.

If this is true, then the entire Guardians of the Galaxy team has been cast.

However, another part of the revelation is that Bradley Cooper has not signed on yet, but the offer is on the table for him. It doesn’t look like Rocket Raccoon will be motion captured, so this would be a simple voice role, not unlike an animated movie appearance, and shouldn’t get in the way of Cooper’s upcoming movies, including the upcoming Lance Armstrong biopic.

It is the same reason that Vin Diesel thought the voicing gig for Groot would be so great, since he could get involved with Marvel movies and not have to cut into his career making more Fast and Furious and Riddick movies.

The Rocket Raccoon casting is much more important, though. James Gunn calls Rocket Raccoon the heart and soul of the movie, while Groot only says one word through all his comic appearances. This seems to be a big deal if Cooper does sign on, because that would be a big Oscar nominated name for what amounts to nothing more than a voice acting role.

Source: Latino Review