One of the most talked about Hollywood deals lately is the separation of Legendary Pictures from Warner Bros. It’s a surprising move from a partnership that has generated nothing but continued success over the past several years. Well, a new report says that the divorce of the two studios has now reached a new agreement.

interstellar studio

Due to the great relationship Legendary had with Christopher Nolan on movies like The Dark Knight and Inception, the departing company negotiated a major trade. They gave up all rights to Batman Vs. Superman to have  the Legendary brand name on Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. This is a shocking turn of events considering the studio just released Man of Steel over the Summer.

So, what does this all mean? One has to wonder if Legendary’s dropping the rights to Batman Vs. Superman is a statement on how much faith they have in the upcoming film. Could this mean that Legendary no longer believes in DC? One thing it certainly shows is how devoted people are to Chris Nolan. Either way, this will certainly raise a ton of questions moving forward.

Interstellar  just began shooting yesterday, and is expected to hit theaters November 7th, 2014. Batman Vs. Superman is still on schedule for Summer 2015!

What do you think of this deal?

Source: The Wrap