We brought you news last week that Harvey Weinstein planned to make Snowpiercer cuts to Bong Joon-Ho’s new movie. His reasoning was that he wanted to make it easier for the stupid people who live in Oklahoma and Iowa to understand. As someone who lives in Oklahoma, that didn’t go over well with me. It didn’t seem to go over well with Chris Evans either.

“I’ve not spoken to him (Weinstein) yet, but it was certainly a topic of discussion over in Korea. I love the movie. I’ve only seen the whole 125 minute verison and it’s beautiful, it’s just beautiful.

“I love Bong and Tilda Swinton is not human, but I’ve heard he’s looking to cut some things down. It’s tricky…This is the tricky part about making movies. There’s usually a method to Harvey’s madness. I just got back from Korea so I want to go in and see, I’ve got to see a lot of things and I’d love to have a discussion with him, it’s one of those things that’s just tricky.”

There is a method to Harvey’s madness, but he is nuts if he thinks this movie will make any money during its theatrical run if he does what the rumors claims and that is to make Snowpiercer cuts that will remove much of the characterization. What people claim is that Harvey wants to make it more like an American (read: dumb) action movie.

And he wants to do it because people from Oklahoma and Iowa are – in Harvey’s minds – simpletons who need help understanding smart movies.

Let’s hope Chris Evans can talk some sense into Harvey Weinstein – but don’t expect it.

Source: Collider