Vin Diesel has been such a tease these last few months in regards to his cinematic role with Marvel. It seems like the more he says, the less we actually know about what the hell he’s doing with the studio. However, the most recent photo posted by Diesel certainly says a lot more than previous comments from the action star.

vin diesel groot

Yesterday, Diesel posted a photo of the character Groot from the Guardians of the Galaxy team. Does that mean he’s playing the character? All I can say is I really hope not. That seems like a magnificent waste of resources to just bring in Diesel to play a character who only has one word of dialogue the whole film. Here is hoping he’s just screwing with the fans like he has been for the past few months.

I for one, hope that Shawn’s theory of Diesel playing Ultron is the big secret. That would be huge news if this were the case. Let’s not waste such a big name on a tree with a one word vocabulary.

What do you think? Should Vin Diesel play Groot? Are the Vin Diesel Groot rumors true? Tell us below!

Source: Vin Diesel Facebook