Life MattersGreetings. “Life Matters” is basically of two parts. one-part Terry’s funeral, and one-part the going-ons at Vamp Camp. Now, the funeral scenes are nice and all, but absolutely do not move the story further so I’m just going to skip them. Basically, Andy, Sam, Sookie, Lafayette, and Big John [the other black dude working in the kitchen] get up and say a few words. Everyone’s words move Terry’s story from when he first got back from Iraq. Living out in the woods, and then trying to do well by Sam when he got the job at Merlotte’s. Now, on to the action…

“Life Matters”┬ástarts off with Sookie saving Warlow by feeding him her blood, and blowing Bill out of Fae World with her light, as he was intending on taking Warlow anyway. Now that he’s in our world, he goes after Eric, who we see arrive outside of the Vamp Camp. Soon, Bill arrives to find scattered pieces of guards. Back in, Eric first finds the DR who injected his sister, and promptly rips out his hangdang and it’s connecting pieces. It’s f’ning brutal. He tells him he’ll be back in 10 to make sure he’s bled out. Eric then walks around with a guards arm, freeing vampires.

Bill enters the camp and finds the good DR, bleeding out on the floor. He begs for mercy and asks to die, at which point Bill asks if he ever hurt a vampire named Jessica Hamby. He says he did, and then Bill tries to hit the DR’s face as a shot, which is another great effect. They really went all out with this one. After crushing the DR’s skull, Bill then walks around, seeing vampires inflicting the same punishment on humans as they did them.

Eric comes across Jason, who’s laying in female gen-pop being fed on. Eric hooks him up with some blood, and they’re on their way. At one point they pass a group of dead bodies, and once they leave, Sarah Newlin emerges from the pile, unharmed, and quickly hops on the good foot and runs. Eric then comes across Pam’s DR, and is seemingly going to kill him until he says that he sexed Pam. Eric is seemingly upset at this, but holds back in order to save him for Pam.

Meanwhile, Bill continues his search for Eric, when he realizes that he has Warlow’s blood too. We then cut to Sarah Newlin, climbing one of the massive circular structures we’ve seen at Vamp Camp, in order to open the Sun Room. She does so, but it’s too late. The entire group is feeding on Bill. Well, except for Steve Newlin. They won’t let him feed, so he opts to leave. Eric arrives just in time to keep this from happening, and tells Steve that it’s time to die. As Sarah Newlin looks into the room, Eric holds Steve in the sunlight, and as he burns, he looks into Sarah’s eyes and declares his love for Jason Stackhouse. He then bursts into a glob of blood. I’m a bit bummed to see him go, he was such a fop, and so willing to surrender to whichever side got an inch over the other.

Watching this, Jason realizes that Sarah is about to get away. So he rushes after her, and just before she can get into her car, he tackles her. Taking her gun, he threatens to kill her, making her believe it’s gonna happen before showing mercy and letting her go. He also lets her know that Jesus told him what a weak lay she was. Hey, Jesus never lies.

Else where, all the vampires are now outside, and smashing every bottle of Tru Blood that they can. We get a scene over in Honolulu of a fresh delivery being taken by a group of vampires after killing the delivery man.

While all the other vampires are high as all get out, Bill continues to bleed out. He has visions of Lillith’s people, telling him that his time on Earth is over. He doesn’t want this, and summons Jessica. She promptly shows up with Jesse, and they decide to feed him in order to get him back on his feet. It works, and he joins the rest of the free vampires outside. Jessica wants to take the party back to Stately Compton Manor, and everyone seems OK with that. However, as they all leave, Pam sees Eric from afar, and they share a look before she says “don’t you dare leave me”. He then immediately does, flying off into the sky. For a second there, I thought Eric was dead. Of course, because that’s a vicious hook, we’re out.

Last Word: “Life Matters” is another great one. It’s always awesome to see the no good-knicks get their come uppance, and we got that in spades. People were literally ripped limb from limb, and we even saw a guy get his junk ripped out. That’s not something you’re likely to see on Vampire Diaries. I have no idea what they’re doing with Eric, nor do I with the final episode. Everything is wrapped up pretty well, so, I imagine they’re going to start a fresh batch of stories, let them reach their crescendo, and bam, tune in next year, motherfu….