Looks like semi-lackluster reviews of Neill Blomkamp’s follow up to District 9 weren’t enough to stop the Elysium box office from topping the charts this weekend. The Matt Damon-led romp through a dystopian Earth and Utopian space station took in about $30M at the domestic box office. Meanwhile, comedy We’re the Millers earned $25.6M over the weekend and $38M over it’s total run, already earning back it’s $37M budget. While Elysium will have some legs and likely perform well overseas, its $30M opening must seem a bit weak to TriStar studio given its $115M price tag. Check out the info below for the rest of the weekend box office breakdown.


1 Elysium- $30,400,000 weekend ($30,400,000 total)

2 We’re the Millers ¬†– $26,555,000 weekend ($38,044,000 total)
3 Planes – $22,525,000 weekend ($22,525,000 total)
4 Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters – $14,600,000 weekend ($23,457,000 total)
5 2 Guns – $11,128,000 weekend ($48,517,000 total)
6 The Smurfs -$9,500,000 weekend ($46,600,000 total)
7 The Wolverine – $8,000,000 weekend ($111,986,000 total)
8 The Conjuring – $6,700,000 weekend ($120,745,000 total)
9 Despicable Me 2 – $5,748,000 weekend ($338,314,000 total)
10 Grown Ups 2 $3,700,000 weekend ($123,800,000 total)

The Conjuring remains the little film that keeps on trucking, surpassing $$120M in the U.S., a great thing for horror films and fans. Disney may want to rethink their non-Pixar approach to animation that looks like Pixar with the lack of success of Planes.

Next weekend sees the release of Kick-Ass 2, Thor + Han Solo + Commissioner Gordon in Paranoia, and Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs in the biopic titled, well, Jobs. What did you see this weekend, and what are you planning on spending your hard-earned on this coming week?

Projected weekend box office figures from Box Office Mojo