In this week’s Falling Skies season finale entitled Brazil there were some surprises with Cochise and the Volm, celebrating was had by all, the team faced off with Karen, and a shocking gift was given to Tom.

The Breakdown

This Falling Skies season finale started with the team’s attack on the aliens. Weaver, Pope and others were used as a distraction so that Tom, Hal, Maggie and the rest could attack the Espheni base.  The plan worked and celebrations began.

Cochise set up a meeting with Tom, Weaver and the Volm Commander, who turned out to be Cochise’s father.  Tom and Weaver were excited to speak with the Commander, but were soon disappointed. Rather than work together in the war, the Commander told the men that they would be relocated to Brazil. He explained that they would be safe there and not part of the war any longer. Tom and Weaver were angry and when Tom touched the Commander’s arm as he turned to leave, he was smacked to the floor and then detained by the Volm.

Weaver returned to the base and told everyone the plan for relocation. He tried to wrangle everyone to get out of there before the Volm arrived to begin the relocation. Unfortunately, he was too late. Cochise and his men arrived and asked the team to surrender their weapons and prepare to be transported to Brazil.

Meanwhile Tom attempted to explain to the Commander why allowing them to fight in this war was so important. The Commander tried to understand. When Tom was allowed to return to base, Cochise showed up to give them their weapons back and told them they did need to leave Boston, but did not have to relocate to Brazil.

Throughout all of this chaos, Lourdes was kept prisoner. The worms were hurting her, but there was nothing anyone could do to help. They continued to use her as bait to attract Karen; which finally worked.

Karen and her Skitters came upon Tom and the rest of the team as they were leaving Boston. She told Tom she should be trusted and the Volm should not. She also said she had a gift for Tom. Tom in return said he had one for her – then shot her in the stomach. The rest of the team fought the Skitters and won.

Tom then heard someone calling his name. It was Anne. He found her – alive and well! He then saw their daughter, no longer a baby but a young girl. As Anne rested, young Alexis visited Lourdes who was caged. She put her hands to Lourdes’s face and all the worms fell into her hands, then turned to powder. The season finale ended.

The Analysis

Brazil was a decent Falling Skies season finale, but not great. It was good to see some things finally happen. The team destroyed the Espheni base/ship. Karen was killed. Anne and the “baby” were found alive. Those were all good things; however, I kept waiting for something huge to happen in this finale. So, I was disappointed when nothing did.

I knew all along that we did not see the last of Anne and the baby. But, to have the baby now be a young girl who looks about 6 years old, according to Tom, was strange. I was hoping for an explanation as to how she was part alien to begin with, but I guess we have to wait for Season 4 for that.

The turn that Cochise and the Volm commander took towards Tom and the team was disturbing. However, Pope certainly knew all along that they should not have trusted them. Weaver and Tom do not seem to like when Pope is right.

Again, I did not think this was a super season finale.  Maybe they should have had Alexis be Cochise’s baby instead of Tom’s. Maybe they should have ended with the entire team captured by the Skitters and taken to the base/ship. Maybe they should have had Tom’s wife Rebecca pop back up. Maybe this, maybe that…I just wish there had been more surprises and a more shocking ending.

What did you think of the Falling Skies season finale? Were you disappointed? Will you watch next season or are you done? Leave some comments and let us know your thoughts!