Dead MeatThis week we start off with Eric sitting amongst his sister, with Bill in the doorway. He’s mad at Bill for not doing all that that he could, and accuses him of not pressing Sookie for Warlow because he’s still in love with her. He then mocks Bill, and seemingly doesn’t care that he’s pissing him off more and more. Before any blood is shed though, he simply tells Eric to leave.

Back at the Pack’s camp, Ricki is all sorts of mad at Alicide, and challenges him for the role of Pack Master. 2 other women back her up, and then it’s on. He single-handedly kicks the shit out of all three of them and then posses out.

Over at the Vamp Camp, we catch up with Jason and his Master Vamp, Violet. She says that he’s hers forever, as she’s old school Catholic, and forever means forever.

Sookie is back at the graveyard to catch up with Warlow. She tells him the deal with Bill and her friends, and he basically says that he’ll do it, if she agrees to be his vampire bride. Pretty sweet deal, I say. I never understand people’s reluctance to be a vampire. Like, boohoo. I get to live for as long as I want, and be awesome, and perhaps fly, and move super quick. I mean, I could type this recap up in 2 seconds, with probably no typos. Who needs the sun? Just get a 90w bulb. Anyway, Sookie is unsure, and says she needs time. She leaves the area with Warlow, and we see Eric lurking in the background. He walks over to where Sookie emerged, and tries to figure out how to get where she was.

We catch up with Jessica and James, and they’re enjoying each other’s good looks & long hair. Jessica is pissing me off more and more as she’s here, getting all sexed, and Jason is off in freaking jail, playing Vampire Oz. See, that’s exactly why I don’t pose as a soldier to infiltrate prisons for supernatural creatures in order to declare my love for one. It never works out. They’re eventually found by security and and escorted back to Gen Pop. When they return, the doctors hand out the Tru Blood. In the male section of Gen Pop, Steve Newlin makes friends with James, who feels pitty for Steve and tells him not to drink the blood. Back with the females, Violet & Jason are laying in her sleeping quarters, and she tells them about their future where Jason is going to want to have sexual intercourse with her, very badly, and she’s going to deny him and make him beg. You call that predicting the future? That’d be like me predicting that water will be wet.

At Merlotte’s, Sam arrives to clear out Terry’s stuff. As he’s taking out the trash, he runs into Alicide who’s returned Nicole and her mother. Sam says there’s a cold beer in the bar for him as a thanks. Sam heads in, and says how sorry he is for the trouble, and that they should crash at his place tonight. After talking with Nicole, he picks up on something. When he heads back into the bar to have a few drinks with Alicide, it’s revealed that she’s pregnant with a shifter baby. Now, my question is, can the baby shift into a calf, or a baby cougar while in the womb?

We catch up with Arlene and the gang, and Lafayette tells her about the life insurance plan. She realizes that he planned the whole thing. She is unhappy about this.

Sookie shows up at Bill’s and wants to know what will happen with Warlow if she shows up with him. Bill says he’ll simply feed some vamps and protect them from the sun. She tells him about Warlow’s ultimatum, and you can tell there’s a glimmer of hope in her that Bill will protest to this, proclaiming his love. However, Bill seems to be giving a thumbs down to that whole possibility.

Sarah Newlin shows up at the Vamp Camp, dressed like Barbie: Republican Vampire Slayer. She’s pissed that certain vampires aren’t drinking the blood, and finds out from Steve who gave him the info. Since he’s a sissy, he quickly gives it up. Soon, both James & Steve are sent to the room where they’ll eventually meet the sun.

Over at Andy’s place, Holly’s sons show up and take out Adilyn to blow off some steam.

We catch up with Sam as he’s mid-convo with Nicole, asking her to stay with him and not leave with her mother. Naturally, mom protests to this, but Sam says he’s in love with her, and she says she feels the same way about him. Just then, Sookie shows up and wants to talk with Sam. As it goes, she basically wants to find out if Sam still has feelings for her. So, I get it. She’s trying to make things happen now after turning down all these guys for so long. Hog wash. Anyway, Sam is a bit pissed at this news, saying it came at the worst time. It’s a no go. She leaves and heads to the Stackhouse plot at the cemetery, where she tells her parents to f*** off. She says she’d rather walk the earth as a corpse than spend eternity laying next to those two.

Meanwhile, a limo pulls up to the Vamp Camp’s Tru Blood bottling plant, and from inside comes Ms. Suzuki, the Asian woman we originally saw talking to the Governor. She demands to know what’s going on, and all this gets her is Sarah Newlin losing her f’ning mind. They have a pretty awkward, yet funny fight, followed by Sarah chasing her all over the place , trying to kill her. Eventually it happens, on the grates of the second story that over-looks the male vampire Gen Pop. Sarah smashes her face over and over into the grate, as the vampires eagerly drink up the blood that pours down. Sarah strikes the final blow when she crams the heel of the woman’s shoe into her head, and then praises Jesus. Well, gotta thank someone.

At the graveyard, Holly’s kids & Adilyn are drinking and enjoying general teenage merriment. One is passed out, the other has just gotten Adaline’s shirt off when Eric shows up. He glamours the boys and tells them they never saw him. He also says they never saw the girl, and the one gentlemen certainly did not take her shirt off. He apologies for having to take that one away from him, but it’s a must. He then chases down Adilyn and begins drinking her blood.

At the Vamp Camp, Pam, Tera, Willa, Violet, and Jessica are all sent to the tanning room because they won’t drink their Tru Blood.

We then cut to a road where that Adilyn is running down as Andy shows up behind her in his crusier. She apologies to him, and seemingly expects him to be pissed, but he’s simply releaved.

Finally, Sookie has made her choice. She calls Bill and tells her to pick her up in an hour. They head to the graveyard, and then to where Warlow is. Once they arrive though, they find that he’s been fed on. Bill quickly deduces it was Eric, and with that we’re out.

Final Words: Again, no surprise that True Blood has dealt the goods again. I’m pretty much positive that this season is going to end just as the ceiling opens up in the Sun room. If I had one complaint about True Blood, it’s that a season can never just end, it constantly has to end on a massive cliff-hanger. I understand always leave them wanting more, but if you make a great meal, I’ll come back for more, you don’t have to make sure I’m starving first. This was a great episode as we saw Sookie try and get back all the men she’d tossed aside, who are now over her. The character of Violet is really interesting, and I hope she sticks around long enough for us to get her full story. I’m really looking forward to next weeks episode, where apparently Eric goes Rambo and tears apart the camp. Good times. Oh, and what the f*** is with the drifter vampire who showed up on the bridge?! It’s been something like, 7 episodes without a mention. I’d almost assume that the writers just forgot about him, but that sort of incredibly bad writing is left for shows like The Big Bang Theory.

See you back here next week…