Well we all knew the Mouse House would start the rumor mill circulating on a Star Wars TV show or three sometime…looks like that it’s begun to spin, ever so slightly.

At a recent TCA press tour event, ABC Entertainment president Paul Lee said that there is, of course, potential for Lucasfilm properties to make their way onto the network. “We’ve started conversations with them [Lucasfilm],” he said, also noting his enthusiasm has been high for a Star Wars TV show since the discussion began.

LEGO_Star_Wars_TV_series-6Take it all with a grain of salt, though. One of the big measuring sticks of Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm will be the success of Episode VII, due out in 2015. That means the company will be certainly most focused on the first Star Wars movie to be released under their umbrella before green lighting any Star Wars TV show¬†projects.

And let’s note that there’s other properties that came along with the acquisition besides Star Wars…for instance, could we possible see the rebirth of The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones? Willow adapted in episodic format for the home masses? Could we even dare to dream of a small screen resurgence of Howard the Duck? And there’s plenty of video games ripe for the picking that came along under the LucasArts banner. Star Wars: Battlefront, or Lego: Star Wars, anyone?

Source: Comingsoon.net