At a recent Television Critics of America panel, Kurt Sutter discussed the upcoming ideas & plans he’s fostering in regards to Sons of Anarchy. The graphic novels, being produced by Boom! Studios, could apparently serve as a way to keep the property alive, and fill in the time between when the show ends and the prequel begins. Says Sutter “I had some conversations with [John] Landgraf [CEO of FX Networks] about hopefully at some point in time doing the prequel to this show,” followed by “We’ve talked about ways to keep the mythology alive over a few-year period” including a “gaming idea”. He went on to say “The graphic novels are the first step to do that”, “parallel stories that won’t touch on any of the mythology we’ve created.” The “intersecting narrative” may involve “secondary characters that all intervene and cross through that.”

The only thing Sutter knows for sure is that prequel wouldn’t be coming for a few years. “I want to let the property rest for a year or so after Sons of Anarchy is over before jumping in, I don’t know if it will be a series or a limited series of say 10 to 13 episodes.  I don’t want to do it as a movie – tonally, I don’t see it as a movie.”

Touching on his statement about the show ending “in a pool of blood”, Sutter said he had a “loose idea” of what he wanted, but that ““what I’ve learned over time is that the looser I hold onto those ideas, the better the seasons are.” He also said “I have an idea of what the final shot is, and somehow it’s Otto getting out of jail. Again, I hold onto that loosely.” Again, speaking about the final season “Hey, if I go to John [Landgraf] and the studio and say, ‘Hey, I need three more episodes to close out the season, they’ll find a way to do it. If I can’t fit [the ending] into 13 episodes, there might be some room.”

He spoke about the premier of the up-coming season, and how there is a ripped-from-the-headlines storyline. He discussed it with the network, and felt the violent and moral questioning was “organic” to the way show is. “There’s a lot of blood and guts in my show, it’s a signature of the show” Sutter said. “Events in the premiere are really the catalyst for this morality play that we’re doing.”

Sons of Anarchy is arguably the best show on TV, and I couldn’t be happier that the universe is expanding. Everyone needs to be watching this show.

SOURCE: Deadline