The Bourne Legacy, which was the 4th film in the Jason Bourne franchise, wasn’t as big a hit with Jeremy Renner in the driver’s seat as it was with Matty D. However, it wasn’t a slouch for that matter, and thus earned the franchise another sequel, with Renner slapping around spies & terrorist for the foreseeable future, starting with Bourne 5.

More recently, the studio has been quoted as saying that they are actively working on the film.  They snagged Anthony Peckham to write the script, his most recent work is the Clint Eastwood directed Invictus, as well as the first Sherlock Holmes film. As for who’s going to sit in the director’s chair, word isn’t in if writer/director of The Bourne Legacy, Tony Gilroy, will be involved. He also co-wrote the original trilogy, so he clearly has a love for the series.

I’m more than happy to see another sequel in the Bourne Franchise. The first two are modern action classics, and while the 3rd was lacking, and the 4th just didn’t have the same punch as with the first two, it was still worth it. Something I think they need to do is quit walking on eggshells and make a Bourne feature that’s rated R. Give us some blood, more than one F bombs, a few boobies, and you’ll get a much grittier version that would give a writer & director much more to work with in Bourne 5. Or at the least, more fights with pens.

SOURCE: Screenrant