Can I get an “amen?”

Yes, yes I can.

Earlier this week, Renegade Cinema brought you news of the Trask Industries viral website promoting X-Men: Days of Future Past. And now, you can all witness the full scale of director Bryan Singer’s intention. Behold the tallness of the Sentinels!

SentinelsThat right there is a big mutant-hunting robot.

Those of us privy to comic book lore are questioning what version of Sentinels we’re looking at here. Is it the first mark of Trask Industries? Are there variations and improvements on the design to come that will preempt and predate the events in Days of Future Past? Doesn’t matter; all we all know is this picture is awesome.

That Sentinel looks at least 19 feet tall (maybe 20) by my quick Singer-to-robot calculations. Singer sent this pic out to the Twitterverse with the comment “Here’s to the next 50 years.”

It’s becoming impossible to even maintain any semblance of negativity concerning the next X-Men film. The viral site kicks ass as does this picture. The mere possibility of seeing Sentinels on the big screen should have all of us geeks salivating. I know I’m getting hungry.

What do you guys think about this (maybe first iteration) Sentinels design? Tell us via Disqus comments below!