Not much commentary…just check out how awesome Sharlto Copley can be by viewing this Sharlto Copley Elysium clip.

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Sharlito Copely Elysium“Like a CIA agent, only dirtier.”

Hmmm…NSA, are you listening? Lol?

Sharlto Copley looks great in Elysium. Do you agree? If you do, just think it. They may be monitoring the comments below.

PS – Go see this freaking movie!!! I don’t want to hear about how it’s “derivative” of District 9, or how you just want to go to the movies to have good time: have a good time and forget about the real world while considering the plight of our fellow man and woman. This is going to be epic! Just like District 9 was epic! Elysium is  a science fiction tale told as it was meant to be, with sociological ramifications, character studies, and kick ass explosions all included!


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Source: Ain’t It Cool