Dexter spin-offCurrently, what is arguably Showtime’s biggest hit to date, Dexter, is coming to a close with it’s 8th and final season. Naturally, when a network has a hit, they’d like to branch off and see if they can make a few more. In some cases it works¬† [Fraiser, Family Matters, Saved By The Bell: The College Years], and in others [Golden Palace, Joanie Loves Chachi, Joey] it doesn’t. Well, the rumor going around is that Dexter the show may be parent to a spin-off.

Showtime Entertainment President David Nevins had a few things to say recently during the Television Critics Association panel.

“We announced a deal with Scott Buck today, draw your own conclusions.” he followed that up by saying none of the current Dexter members have signed any deals. “It’s not necessarily a spinoff.” “All options will be explored. We’re really not dealing with it at all until we’re through this season and maybe for a while thereafter,” he said. Finally,¬† “We have a deal with Scott and we’re going to develop a bunch of different things with him, there’s nothing else to be concluded at this point. There’s no sense of whether it will happen and if it will happen but I want to stay in business with Scott”
I’m always weary of spin-offs, but it’s so rare that it’s done with a big time network like Showtime, or HBO, that it could be very well done. Depending on what happens at the end of the series, I think a spin-off about the Miami Metro PD would be great. There’s an interesting & entertaining cast right there that would instantly help set it apart from all the other cop dramas out right now.
SOURCE: Fearnet