22 Jump StreetThe well received remake & buddy-cop picture, 21 Jump Street, has officially been green-lit for a sequel, as well as found it’s directors. Phil Lord & Chris Miller, the duo behind the first one, have recently signed on to helm the second, titled 22 Jump Street. Instead of continuing the high-school angle, which would be more of a Beverly Hills 90210 sorta deal, considering the stars’ age, this time they’re headed to college. The director’s finally signed on after a long duration of trying to find a story that was worthwhile.

“People don’t wanna see the same movie that they saw the first time, they don’t wanna see something super different from the first movie, and navigating what that is has been challenging.  We didn’t really sign on to this movie until about a month ago because we didn’t feel like we were sure that it would be a good movie, and then finally we got to a point in the script where we were like, ‘Okay, I believe this will be a good movie.” – Chris Miller

The focus will apparently be on Hill & Tatum’s characters.

“What made the movie take off is when we started to really think about, ‘Oh what’s it like [to be in a partnership?]’ especially because we have a lot to say about what it’s like to be in a partnership, and Chris is married and I have a longtime girlfriend so we have two partnerships.  So really making that thing work seemed like a deeper way to go in that it would create a lot of story possibilities and a lot of comedy.” – Phil Lord

Where’s as the original was about their meeting, and developing the relationship, this will be a bit more about maintaining it.

“It’s more about their marriage, basically.  If the first movie is about two people getting together for the first time, this is about what happens if you try to really make the relationship work.  We’ll probably never do another bromance after this one, but we’re trying to get as emotionally deep into that as possible.” – Phil Lord

Also, the reason behind the title is because they apparently move across the street. Dig it. The film opens June 13, 2014.

Me personally, I’ll probably check out the sequel when it hits, but it’s nothing I’m gonna hit up the midnight showing for. The original was OK, but honestly, I’m sick of the comedy archetype that is “stupid jerk/moron/jackass thinks he’s awesome at something but isn’t and is an ass to everyone but has a good heart”. It’s been done to absolute death ever since Danny McBride kicked everyone’s ass as Kenny Powers. So, hopefully they go with a different style this time around.

SOURCE: Collider