Under the Dome has been a ratings success for CBS this summer, averaging almost 14 million viewers on average each week. So it’s no surprise that the rumors were true; a second season has been guaranteed by the network.

Guess that means it’s time to streeeeetttttcccccchhh.

Under the Dome Season 2Just kidding. It won’t be that bad, right? The novel which serves as the source material for the series clocked in longer than anything that King’s written since It. (And that, my friends, was biblical in length.) But still, the written word is a different story than the televised screen, right?

Nah, everything is gonna be all right. The author himself blessed any changes writers, producers and directors wanted to make to adapt his book to television. Long gone are the days where crotchety old Uncle Steve waved his hand, saying “Bah!” to directors who dated deviate from the printed press. (Hiya Stanley; how you doing?) All kidding aside, King should be thrilled that his work has survived some very meager adaptations over the years because all that agony has paid off; both network and cable TV has been thriving creatively, meaning better representations of his work, no matter how loose the translation may be.

And let it be known that Stephen King is indeed enthusiastic about Under the Dome getting a second season, because he’s agreed to pen the opening episode of next summer. Surely this news is enough to make even the staunchest of King’s fans, bemoaning the deviation from their dogma via stretching out the Dome story to fill several seasons, come back for more. (And you know they would have anyway.)

Source: Screen Rant