Well, the gloom and doom predictions for Pacific Rim were proven to be a bit premature. However, the film didn’t exactly light the box office on fire either. As of this writing, the movie has taken in about $226M total, with $140M of that coming from outside the U.S. Seems like foreign markets dig big robots and gigantic deep sea monsters more than we do. (Your mileage may vary.)

Pacific Rim SequelIs that good enough to warrant a Pacific Rim sequel to a film with a production budget of $190M? Not completely, but…word on the street is that China, Japan and Brazil market performance could play a huge part in guaranteeing at least the possibility. The magic number for foreign box office totals is $300M to get producers talking about another visit to Jaeger and Kaiju land (perhaps Atlantic Rim?).

Quite frankly, this Renegade Reporter wouldn’t mind seeing a sequel at all. Pacific Rim was a fun sci-fi action romp set in a universe with a lot of potential for more exploration and enjoyment. A few missed opportunities — like spending more time with the other Jaeger crews, and more unique creature designs — have a chance at being corrected should del Toro and company choose to return. Pacific Rim was unique enough to stand on its own despite some cliched moments/themes, and producers and moviegoers alike would be wise to welcome a Pacific Rim sequel with open arms.

Source: Screen Rant