In The EveningWe start off this week with Eric and the gang in the Vamp Camp. Eric escapes with Nora under a Tru Blood truck that’s leaving for a delivery. Meanwhile, Willa is told to head back to Gen Pop and tell all the vampires not to drink the Tru Blood, as it’s contaminated. She does as told, but first stops by Pam’s cell and lets her in on the good news.

Eric’s destination is Stately Compton Manor, where he begs Bill to fix Nora. She says she doesn’t want Bill’s blood, to which he wishes to respect, despite Eric’s misgivings.

We then pick up with Sarah Newlin, as she arrives at the Governor’s mansion and realizes the Head Chief is now the Headless Chief. She grieves for a moment before hatching a plan with the senator, to make it appear as if The Gov is still alive. They’ll ditch the body, release a statement that says the compound was attacked but he escaped and is hiding in an undisclosed location. This will ensure that all his plans keep chugging along.

Over in Fae-Land, Sookie & Warlow are chilling, naked in a graveyard, as one often finds themselves, when Sookie hears Arlene crying. She senses that things are amiss, and heads back to Earth’s plane of existence. Arlene tells her what happened, and Sookie helps her deal with the fact she has to tell the kids. Elsewhere, Sam calls Lafayette to see if everything is OK, and gets news about Terry. He then tells Nichole to call her mom and have her pick her up, because he’s heading back to Bon Temps. He says not being there isn’t an option right now.

Back at the Vamp Camp, Jessica is taken to a room where Jason is waiting. He tells her that he’s come to the rescue, and wants to do right by her. She laments a bit, about what she did and all, and says if he really wants to do right by her, she’d like to thank the vampire from the other day who was so gentlemanly. Jason obliges and brings the guy over, letting the two talk. Jessica says after what she’d done, she felt that she was a monster, and if she was, then all vampires must be. However, his actions proved her wrong. He says that vampires choose to lose their soul, and he doesn’t want that. Jessica says what she wants is to hop on the good foot and do the bad thing. Which, they do. I’d like to take this moment to point out what an unbelievable bitch Jessica is. Here’s Jason, a guy who RISKED HIS FREAKING LIFE to save her, and how does she repay him? She makes him wait outside, dressed like Player 2 from Call of Duty, while she gets staked. It’s a batch of hogwash.

Over at the Bellefluers, everyone but Arlene discuss what’s in the security box, and decide that Lafayette and Sookie should go have a looksee. They do, and it appears that 3 days prior, Terry had taken out a life insurance policy worth a cool $2 million. Makes sense when he told that guy he tried to kill himself but couldn’t do it, because you don’t get a check for suicide.

We check back with Alicide as he drops his dad off back at his place. His father tells him about a piece of land near by, hinting that Alicide should come live out here, that pack life isn’t for him. However, his son doesn’t agree and decides to head back. I’d just like to state for the record that Robert Patrick is awesome, and I’m glad to see him in something respectable. Although he was pretty cool in Double Dragons.

Back at Bill’s, Eric pleads with him to give Nora his blood. He says he believes in Bill, that he’s a God, and he can heal. He swears his allegiance and promises he’ll do whatever Bill asks of him. He finally relents, and gives Nora his blood, however, it has no effect. He then decides that Warlow’s blood is the salvation, and heads off to find him.

Sookie & Lafayette arrive back at the Bellefluers, where Arlene has decided to kill the pain with booze. It’s then that Bill shows up, and offers his condolences to both Arlene, and Andy. He has a few words with Andy, regarding Jessica and his remaining daughter. He basically says, you leave Jessica alone, I’ll leave your daughter alone. He then turns to Sookie and asks to speak in private. He makes a plea with her to return Warlow, stating that if she doesn’t, all her friends will die, because of the fact his blood is the answer. Bill also lets it be known, in a round about way, that others will suffer if she doesn’t help. She seems reluctant, but willing. I mean, he does look pretty cool in that jacket, which appears to have one of those hidden hoods in the collar. Love those.

In The Evening

Pam has another therapy session, and does her best to seduce the doc. She wants in gen pop, and he, he just wants a pop. So, they make an agreement and get down to the business of getting down.

Meanwhile, Jason is chilling in the halls of the Vamp Camp when Sarah approaches. She whispers in his ear that the Governor is dead, and so is Jason’s leverage. At this point the guards seize him, cut his arm, and throw him in female gen pop. They quickly swarm, but Tara protects him, as does the mysterious lady who seems to have a control over the others.

Alcide arrives back at the camp, and tells the pack that Sam & the girl are dead. They have a hard time believing him, as they drag out Nicole and her mother, proving that she’s very much alive.

Back at Bill’s, Eric sits with Nora, and pleads to Godrick to save her. However, his pleads go unanswered. Nora asks if he remembers when they met, and of course he does. We then get a fantastic flash back to London, 1665. I always love when they do these, because they really put a hell of a lot of effort into them, and it’s very interesting to see all the different times that vampires were able to experience. Nora was a nurse of some sort, and was helping whomever she could that had been inflicted with the black plague. Eric was servant to a King who fancied her, and was told to retrieve her, as he didn’t know she was sick et. Eric does, and upon meeting her discovers the courage and warm she has. It’s then he asks if she would like to meet his father, who could cure her. She’s down. We come back to the present, and Nora is visibly getting worse. Eric is just as devastated as when he lost Godrick, holding Nora as she finally disintegrates into a pile of muck. We see Eric emotional so little, that when we do it’s like a flash flood. They do a masterful job of Eric appearing to be broken to his soul over his few losses. Some damn fine acting. As Eric composes himself for a minute, and looks up to see Bill in the doorway, looking mournful, and with that, we’re out….motherf*****s.

Last Word: Seriously, True Blood has been on a roll lately that so few shows ever get. Everything about this season has been absolutely pitch perfect, as they’ve delivered programming that is unmatched in quality with anything else going on today [Breaking Bad hasn’t started yet]. They have some of the finest actors working today, along with gorgeous sets, fantastic special effects, and writing crisp as night air. They’re building to a massive crescendo this season, and it’s damn refreshing to have such faith in a show to know they won’t screw it up. Good times.